Get Inspired By…Black Tie Glam!


Hey designers! We’re back with some more fashionspiration. This time: a great look for Black Tie Glam!


If you want to put together an outfit that’s sophisticated enough for a black tie event (that means an occasion where everyone is expected to dress up, like an awards show or a wedding) but still fun and NOT boring, then we recommend looking for inspiration from your favorite celebrities. They go to so many black tie events, they’re experts!


This time, we’re looking to the smart, beautiful and fashion-savvy Emma Watson (the Harry Potter series, The Perks of Being a Wallflower). Emma knows how to rock the perfect little black dress, as you can see:


(Photo Credit: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)


We gave her fun yet classy dress a go with our Zoey’s Design Academy model, and voila!



The Bustle T Dress is perfect for this look! And because Emma rarely uses lots of accessories, we went with a Beaded Clutch for added pizzazz. What do you think?


Who do you look to for fashionspiration? What’s your favorite look to create at the Academy? Share in the comments!


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14 Responses to Get Inspired By…Black Tie Glam!

  1. Hhayes says:

    so pretty!

  2. NannaRose says:

    Different…. but smart. :)

  3. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Not one of my favorite looks, but still cute! :)

  4. broncosrule says:

    Really cute dress!!! I was just wondering if you are planning on adding some new non-estore stuff soon? Also could you make red lips and the color black? Please answer! Thanks!!! ~Ruby Emery~ (A devoted ZDA designer!)

    • popy380 says:

      for black, go to the ‘winter’ section of the colors and go to the color at the far left, bottom. it’s very close to black, and I use it for zebra stripes. please make red lips, ZDA! and jet-black. red lips and pure, dark, black. thanks! >~pop~<

    • hammyboy2013GW says:

      I totally agree! Could you please add some new lip colors soon? Also, I totally <3 the dress. I just wish it wasn't for estore points.

  5. passwordn2 says:

    i like it but when are you updating

  6. bunnylover0131 says:

    I really don’t like the dress but it looks good on her! :)

  7. Wishtuli says:

    unique but coolio!

  8. popy380 says:

    LOVE IT :D Emma looks so fab! what if you took that dress but you made the dress denim, like a jean dress, and you made the stripes it has on the top in ZDA pink? like HOT pink? and then maybe some sandals… :o :O :o summer outfit! perfect summer outfit! denim dress with the skirt up like Emma’s, and pink belt thingy and pink stripe on top with sandals and a small pink & blue- ELECTRIC BLUE- zig-zag clutch. and either a sun hat or a pink headband. i just came up with an outfit. THANK YOU ZDA! :P LOL >~pop~<

  9. rosesaw says:

    LOVE the outfit! so cute!

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