This Week’s Top Looks (Feb. 28-March 7)

Who’s the fashionista with the most this week?


In first place, we have Mischa Carina with this beachy outfit! Forget spring, we can’t wait for summer!



And how about her runner-up, Isabelle April, with this sophisticated ensemble? It reminds us of an elegant flamenco dancer!


Want to be featured as a winner on Zoey’s Design Academy Newz? Be sure to enter your favorite outfit creations into the Fashion Show and vote on others, too!



8 Responses to This Week’s Top Looks (Feb. 28-March 7)

  1. rocky1333 says:


  2. passwordn2 says:

    awesome looks im Bianca Alice

  3. Hhayes says:

    CONGRATS! :D aren’t these from the 24 hour list? I thought you usually used the 7 day because its not like their up there for just a couple minutes.

  4. JaneOfAllTrades says:


  5. passwordn2 says:

    i’m Bianca Alice these are great outfits congrats good job everyone

  6. kittycatluvsu says:

    i was 5th one time. im Alexis Siena, if you’ve seen me on the 24-hour list. i wish i could be on the 30 days, 1st place. that would be soooo cool. and what if someone got 102 points!?!?! now THAT would be cool!

  7. style808 says:

    I cant believe this!!!!!! I am on there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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