Check Out These New Styles!

Can’t wait to create even MORE new looks? Check out just a sample of what’s new in the Academy this week!


Give your outfit some edge with this funky new hats: the B-Ball Cap, Kitty Beanie and Rock Crystal Crown!



How about a new structured top or two or three, like the Belted Fur Wrap, Zip Top or Buccaneer Jacket?



And to complete any outfit, try a fierce new bottom like a Feather Skirt or Short Asymmetrical Skirt!



Better get designing right away!


25 Responses to Check Out These New Styles!

  1. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    I love these! But I think most of them are E-store.

  2. passwordn2 says:

    that skirt is crazy

  3. isabell says:

    There so cute! I hope that at least some of them u can buy with zoey money . . . sigh

  4. Hhayes says:


  5. AnimexLover says:

    The new designs look cute. :) Yeah, though I wish I could buy them (I have no estore points).

  6. Hhayes says:

    I know right! I would LOVE eStore points AnimexLover! I probably wont get them :) . **~Aubrey Stef or June Harmony~**

  7. candy1616 says:

    Yay, new clothes!! But… estore… I know you want to make money but could you at least make one new one that isn’t estore every time you make like 4 that are estore?

  8. AnimexLover says:

    Yeah, I know, lol. eStore points would be awesome, I would really like corset dress and bow clutch. :P .

  9. Galaya says:

    how often do u guys update

  10. abeye7 says:

    Hi Everybody! I think the Kitty Beanie is super cute, and I love all the rest of them, but I don’t have any e store points to buy the designs with. My name is Geneva Eden, so you guys can friend me if you want. Ganz, I’m BEGGING you, please make some FABULOUS clothes, but make them so that everybody can get them.

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