Get Inspired By…Rocker Girl Style!


Want to live on the fashion edge and rock out with cutting-edge style? Try this Rocker Girl look!


Getting rocker style right means leather pieces (like this jacket) with confident colors and edgy accessories (like these studded boots and sharp golden necklace). Throw in a bright clutch for an added dose of luxury and you’re ready to hit up your next gig! (Don’t see these styles in Zoey’s Design Academy just yet? Keep an eye out for their debut!)



Whether you’re on stage or in the crowd, this look is sure to cause a riot!


Do you look to the streets for fashionspiration? What’s your favorite look to create at the Academy? Share in the comments!


Think you’re ready to start designing on your own? Head over to Zoey’s Design Academy to get started!


20 Responses to Get Inspired By…Rocker Girl Style!

  1. passwordn2 says:

    yay new stuff

  2. petalfelfur says:

    OMG my sister has those exact boots! I mean really they look JUST like these!

  3. passwordn2 says:

    i have an idea how bout if you make it on the best dressed list you get extra z coins and you’ll get told that you made it on the list so you don’t miss it

  4. Galaya says:

    cool! I’ve been dying for a new update! hope the dress isn’t estore!

  5. BallerinaKiki says:

    That outfit is awesome….. don’t really like the hairstyle though. Friend me on ZDA im Elena Rivers. :)

  6. mel444 says:

    Those are cool, but i think that you should put the color black in the design studio. :) Cause that would be cool.

  7. fizzywizzysoda says:

    Zoey, can you add the purse with the Z on it in zcoins and put it on zoeys design academy? Same thing with the glasses basicy put the outfit on zoeys design academy?

  8. MessyNessie2003 says:


  9. Gill10 says:

    ya…Seems neat Zoey and friends! Good creation…

  10. emeraldfairy602 says:

    so cute! i can’t wait for it! i hope it is all z coins……………… I think I’m Katherine Haley

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