Let’s Chat: How Will You Do Casual/Cool This Summer?

Hey designers!


Can you believe it’s nearly summer already? It’s high time we talked cool and casual summer looks!


What items will you choose to create a new outfit that’s perfect for summer? These ladies have some great ideas to show off:



We love the bright colors and patterns they’re working with, and they’re really rocking the short sleeves!


What are your creative ideas for a cool summer wardrobe? Leave them in the comments below!



47 Responses to Let’s Chat: How Will You Do Casual/Cool This Summer?

  1. rosesaw says:

    cool! I love those awesome designs and outfits =)

    • isabell says:

      i think the purple sparkles on the top that the middle girl is wearing would go great! Then id have some silver skinny jeans and the sunglassess necklace!

  2. camoms599 says:

    i would go with a cute blue tanktop with pink diaginol stripes and a cute pair of blue jean bootie shorts.

  3. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    I like the hairstyles. When are they gonna come out?

  4. Galaya says:

    cool! guys should really make outfits patterns hair and faces like the one in the pic!

  5. Hhayes says:

    I love the gal in ze middle

  6. hammyboy2013GW says:

    I agree with janeofalltrades. The hairstyles are so cute! I want to see some new summery dresses.

  7. Galaya says:

    I love zoeys so much that I’ve made 3 accounts! im now dressing all 3 girls alike! their names are… Stephanie Custardcream Bailey Geneva and Adrienne Elana! hope u see them!

  8. style808 says:

    i would do two ponytails . then some jean shorts with a cute hot pink tank top.

  9. rosesaw says:

    I love the new designs on the clothes too!

  10. passwordn2 says:

    i dont think my votes are getting changed cause i got 15 and im still at 54

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