Meet Zoey

Hello, students! My name is Zoey. Welcome to my Design Academy, which I founded to give talented fashion lovers a place to create, innovate and inspire! Want to know more about me? Ask away…


Who are you?

I’m a fashion designer with years of experience. I’ve been designing since…well, a designer never tells! Let’s say that I’ve seen MANY trends come and go (and come back around again…as fashion tends to).


Why did you start Zoey’s Design Academy?

Because I wanted to see what the next generation of creative fashionistas can do! To me, the possibilities are endless. Why not design looks and show them off to your friends? That’s what makes fashion fun!


How do you choose the outfit pieces?

By keeping my finger on the pulse of fashion. Fashion never sleeps! That’s why you’ll see hot and trendy looks straight off the runway in my Academy.


How do I “attend” the Academy?

Head to and register to jump right into designing your own looks. It’s free to play!


Where will you be if we have questions?

I’m always here to answer your questions. Post them in comments under the articles right here at Zoey’s Design Academy and I’ll come to the rescue!


Happy designing!


32 Responses to Meet Zoey

  1. isabell says:

    oooh so cute i can’t belive im the first one to ever comment on zoeys academy news! Thx for the insight Zoey!-Sunnyside Coconut!

  2. popy380 says:

    i’m gonna ask my mother if i can get an acount! yes its me, popy380, the altamate webkinz fan! my design acadamy name shall be; drumroll please; popy380! no matter what website you’re on, if you see anything involving “popy380″ them its most likely me. :D hope i can get an acount! hi isabelle i think i might have seen you on webkinz newz! :mrgreen: bye! ;) :lol: >~pop~<

    • Hhayes says:

      HI ZOEY bff! I love zoeys design academy! craZ for webkinz my username is Galaya on both webkinz and zoeys

    • JaneOfAllTrades says:

      Hey Popy380, I asked you this somewhere else but I don’t remember where, so I don’t know if you answered or not. You started signing your comments like this, >~pop~< . so my question is, should I start signing mine like this, ~*Jane*~ ? I'm trying to decide because I'm not sure if I want to or not. When I type Janeofalltrades it puts the red line under it(I spelled it wrong) But when I just do Jane it doesn't. Another question, Why did you change yours? What made you decide to? Not that it's a bad thing, I think it's really cute! I was just wondering. ~*JaneOfAllTrades~* and *Sunnyside Rebekah*

    • babagirl123kinz says:

      popy380,u NEED to join Zoey’s. my username is babybottlepop.( like the candy)

  3. Galaya says:

    hi Zoey!!!!!!!!! my style points aren’t adding! so I can’t move on from levels! can you fix it im Spokanegirl7 thx

  4. True2MyWord1 says:

    Hi Zoey!!! What’s your favorite color? Mine is green!! How about anyone else?

  5. cohami says:

    Hi Zoey, my graqnddaughters account has stopped adding style points! She is on level 36, and is STUCK on 4200 style points. hy is that? Her user name is evie6glow. Thanks for your help!

  6. happylayla says:

    Hello Zoey. I love your game. I think though that you should make the show 24 hours long at a time. Thats the one thing I don’t like, but even if you don’t the game is stil awesome!

  7. cherrycupcake13 says:

    love this I am a level 25 allready

  8. sisterclub2014girls says:

    Hey, Zoey why can’t we get any thing for Design academy with are Ganz Moneyz? ~ Girl Needs To Know Very,Very,Very Soon!

  9. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Hey Zoey! Are you guys going to be getting any more games soon? I have a lot of Z coins from shows but I would like to be able to earn some with new games. Also some of my dresses aren’t showing up in my closet. it has a slot for it but nothing is in that slot.

  10. passwordn2 says:

    can we have more friends on zda

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