This Week’s Top Looks (March 8-13)

This week on the Fashion Show leaderboard, it’s all about bold, block-y color matching!


Our leader this week, Sage Cottonballs, is in it to win it with her vibrant maxi dress and matching accessories!




Meanwhile, runner-up Gracie Norah is going for a classic sailor-inspired outfit with a modern twist — an adorable ruffled skirt!




Want to get on the Zoey’s Design Academy Fashion Show leaderboard yourself? Be sure to enter your creations at the Academy!



12 Responses to This Week’s Top Looks (March 8-13)

  1. passwordn2 says:

    congrats you guys look epic Bianca Alice

  2. zingzing80 says:

    great job guys they are really cool outfits!!!!

  3. zingzing80 says:

    Hey I am the first one who has replied to this

  4. tori72 says:

    I am Rivera Angelica! I can’t believe I am in these pictures!!! Sort of ;)

  5. Hhayes says:

    CONGRATS ALL! and that is NOT a MAXI dress :) AND that is NOT a new outfit it is up on the list ALOT! I LOVE YOUR OUTFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sal11335533 says:

    I’m Dean Jocasta number 4!!!

  7. rocky1333 says:

    my sister is diana tyler. she can’t believe that her outfit got in there.

  8. sisterclub2014girls says:

    One looks like barbie Midge! I L.O.V.E. it! ;)

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