We Have a Winner!


Thanks to all the awesome designers who submitted gorgeous looks to our Red Carpet Look Contest!


We’re happy to announce that the winner is… Mojo2014! Here’s their winning design:



Looks like everyone agrees that their use of color and a trendy bustier dress is a great way to stand out on the red carpet, especially for a very fashion-forward awards show. Enjoy your eStore Points, Mojo2014!


Thanks to everyone for participating and we’ll see you at the Academy!



29 Responses to We Have a Winner!

  1. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Congrats Mojo2014! I was thinking about entering but never really got around to it. Hope you like your prize! :) ~*JaneOfAllTrades*~ p.s. my UN is pianogigirl if you want to friend me. my world name is SunnySide Rebekah.

  2. Galaya says:

    Well it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to see win………. I didn’t enter but I like the idea of that look im just surprised…… WELL CONGRATS Mojo2014! ~spokanegirl7

  3. passwordn2 says:

    congrats u look nice Bianca Alice

  4. rachel1179 says:

    i love it!!!!!!!!

  5. rocky1333 says:


  6. Hhayes says:

    congrats. I do feel bad for people that got eStore points but I guess that would be kind of unfair so congrats again. ~ Aubrey Stef or June Harmany ~

  7. AnimexLover says:

    Nice outfit! I was going to enter, but I forgot about it… Congrats! :)

  8. Mojo2014 says:

    Thanks Everyone! You guys made me feel so Happy! :)

  9. TinaKitty24 says:

    Congrats! ^-^

  10. KyKyLuvsHorses says:


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